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      SHANTOU XINYUANXIN FOOD CD.,LTD. was founded in 1992, 1998, is committed to the development of the "smell incense," Floss series.

Company uphold "the supremacy of quality, reputation first" business purposes, the company awarded the ISO9002 quality certification to introduce Taiwan's advanced production equipment, health products, the quality of protection provided. To ensure quality, first-class selection of raw materials, production processes, we have broken through the traditional "Zhurou In addition to the soup" to the shortcomings of the new record will be a soup and dry meat Zhu Zhi together, so that the protein-rich soup full penetration To the food in a manner so as to ensure that the products have the original nutritional value of meat, which gave birth to mix water with clay products in unique "smell incense," Rousu series.


The company's production facilities in the epidemic prevention departments under the close supervision from the construction, production, packaging and the use of the room sealed structure, effectively preventing air pollution, will be held at the same time as temperature, humidity control to a certain target, So as to ensure the product's health. Therefore, "the smell incense" series was awarded the China Light Industry Products Quality Assurance Quality Certification Center.Products sold in more than 20 provinces and cities in the country and exported to Southeast Asian countries.


With every consumer to provide nutrition, health food faith, we strive for excellence, Baizhang first pole and then into the foot. Welcome you with the customer's business and trade cooperation for common development.



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