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Red high-yield high-quality new varieties of sweet potato - red banana

Red is the banana farmers to the west of 43-1 for the female parent, Yu Mian potato powder 10 ¡Á 1 male hybrid breeding of new varieties of sweet potatoes, light green leaf color, leaf small, heart-shaped, sometimes Nick, in Jingwan Long thin and delicate, branching at the base, creeping plant. Shukuai spindle, orange-red skin potato, deep orange flesh, while the number of Jie Shu uniform, neatly Shukuai, high commodity, not exocortis, Lenz can not, without article channel, beautiful skin smooth, easy to market for sale. The genetic varieties of potato Yu on the 10th of production, the quality of the 431 farmers of the West, is both rare and high quality varieties. First-class quality, sweet flavor, gluten-free sand surface, suitable for fresh baked potato and potato processing candied fruit. High yield and spring potato 6000-7000 kg per mu in general, the summer of 4000-5000 kg of potato. The early varieties grow strong stems and leaves, after the closure Lung (Jieshu period) is not leggy, humidity-resistant, hi large fertilizer, stems and leaves in the late Yi premature, and should be strengthened in the latter part of the management of fertilizer. Strong early, early spring, Cultivation of plastic film, can be listed on March 7, 8, to seize the market, high economic efficiency. Planting density: the spring of 3500 mu potato, potato summer of 4000..


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