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Lishui City of rare mushroom varieties developed

A few days ago, in Hangzhou, the provincial Science and Technology Agency experts on the Lishui City of Agricultural Science and Technology Development Corporation's commitment to "the city of Lishui mushroom species of rare edible fungus industry and the introduction of" acceptance of the project, and through independent innovation, summed up the lobaye Tricholoma (also known as Jinfu mushrooms) moist soil cultivation methods, to apply for a patent.

It is understood that the project is with the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Zhejiang Province, edible fungi domestic and imported into scientific and technological cooperation projects for city development of edible fungus industry, the introduction of varieties of rare edible fungus from 2 to 5, including a mushroom-hee , Rugoso mushrooms, mushroom Jinfu, Pleurotus mushrooms and straw mushroom, and other rare species, focus on the introduction of strains of molecular markers to establish ways to explore the different rare edible fungus cultivation techniques, the development of the city for three rare Mushroom Cultivation Techniques, and varieties suitable for industrialization.

Rare species of edible fungi Jinfu lobaye Tricholoma mushroom scientific name, also known as a great Tricholoma, is a precious natural health edible fungi. Guti huge round as a whole, white meat hypertrophy bacteria, nutrient-rich, every 100 grams of dry goods containing 27.56 grams of crude protein, 7.85 grams fat, total sugar 38.44 grams, 8.2 grams fiber. The varieties of fresh marketing at Storability, and in about 10 ¡æ, the shelf life of up to a month, do not change flavor, color change, is a promising market with great development of new varieties of value. Jinfu cook mushrooms after cooking, rich mushroom Hong, Wei Tian and fresh flavor, taste good. Now, more than in the urban areas of the hotel, people were able to enjoy the Shanzhen.



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