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Baby --- Asia's largest exhibition of the Ninth Exhibition CBME Shanghai Baby pregnancy Shanghai debut in July

       Shanghai CBME Pregnant Baby Show, the full name of "Shanghai Ninth children, babies, pregnant women Expo," formerly known as "Fashion Expo parenting pregnant baby" has been successfully held the 8th for the domestic industry's most influential baby pregnancy the platform edge.

       Baby well-known companies: The new source of new, Les Enphants, yellow ducklings, COMBO, Chicco, NUK child and many other brands are the years of the show exhibitors, the 2008 total of 753 brands on display, more in 2009 1000 will be extended to the brand.

       Show the main exhibits include: feeding supplies, baby stroller, car seat, crib, bedding, furniture, toys, educational supplies, souvenirs, electronics,Ï´»¤cleaning products, children's clothes, baby equipment, pregnancy clothing pregnant women underwear , pregnancy and baby health care products such as food, covering all pregnancy Baby products;

       Show the audience the various provinces and cities are mainly agents pregnancy baby products, Wholesale Market, retailers, Internet retailers, in 2008 a total of 43,583 spectators, and the baby all over the shop owners 8 years from pregnancy Baby Show CBME continuous learning and exchange of new business model, management experience, a short span of 8 years of the life cycle of pregnancy baby industry, the scale of millions of dollars in retail rose to baby stores amounting to billions of dollars are pitching, they not only because homeopathy industry development, but also inseparable from the show as a transaction CBME exchange, the role of learning platforms.

       Suppliers to participate in pregnancy CBME Shanghai Baby Show, 50,000 spectators can find your buyer, the buyer CBME visit Shanghai Exhibition pregnancy Baby, you can find the 1000 brand is your business.

       July 29-31, Shantou Xinyuan Food Co., Ltd. The new booth --- 4F72, look forward to your participation.

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